About CakrapaaNidatta

Yasuhiro Okazaki KHB12400 at niftyserve.or.jp
Tue May 23 16:08:00 UTC 1995

Dear Members
I am interested in CakrapaaNidatta, who is one of the commentaters of 
Carakasamhitaa. I am not a specialist of AAyurvedic texts, but of VaizeSika. 
I have few information about CakrapaaNidatta. As far as my recognition, he
may preserve early or medival VaizeSika theory. I want to get more information
about him, his works, articles on him. If someone have such an
infromation, please teach me.
Best regards
Yasuhiro Okazaki
Yasuhiro Okazaki (khb12400 at niftyserve.or.jp)

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