Dandin's Kavyadarsa

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Thu May 11 22:51:50 UTC 1995

>Is there anyone out there who has actually laid hands on, and thus
>can prove the existence of, the following edition of Dandin's
>Kavyalaksana, commonly known as Kavyadarsa?
>S. K. Belvalkar, Rangacharya B. Reddy (editors):
>Dandin's Kavyadarsa. Parichchheda I. Edited with a new Sanskrit
>commentary and English notes.
>Bombay 1919 (?)
>(Bombay Sanskrit and Prakrit Series ; 75)
>This library, and all the others I contacted over the last couple of
>months, have, if anything, Pariccheda II, parts 1 and 2, Bombay 1920.
>As to Pariccheda I (and III), you can find any number of
>bibliographical notices in various sources, among them Emeneau's
>Union List and the India Office Library Catalogue, but when it
>comes to actually ordering the book, all this turns out to be
>quite unreliable (as experienced recently by a colleague when he
>tried his luck at the IOL).
>So, have these parts actually been published, or am I just chasing a
>Reinhold Gruenendahl
>Niedersaechsische Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek
>37070 Goettingen
>Phone: 0551/395283
A relatively recent edition of the text and commentary appeared in 1970:
Kaavyaadarza of DaNDin, first edition edited with an original commentary by
VidyaabhuuSaNa Pandit [sic] Rangacharya Raddi Shastri, second edition seen
through the press by Dr. K. R. Potdar ... Govt. Or. Series, Class A, no. 4.
Poona: BORI, 1970.  As far as I know, this is still available.  G. Cardona


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