Dandin's Kavyadarsa

GRUENENDAHL GRUENEN at mail.sub.gwdg.de
Thu May 11 12:59:31 UTC 1995

Is there anyone out there who has actually laid hands on, and thus 
can prove the existence of, the following edition of Dandin's 
Kavyalaksana, commonly known as Kavyadarsa?

S. K. Belvalkar, Rangacharya B. Reddy (editors):
Dandin's Kavyadarsa. Parichchheda I. Edited with a new Sanskrit 
commentary and English notes.
Bombay 1919 (?)
(Bombay Sanskrit and Prakrit Series ; 75)

This library, and all the others I contacted over the last couple of 
months, have, if anything, Pariccheda II, parts 1 and 2, Bombay 1920.

As to Pariccheda I (and III), you can find any number of 
bibliographical notices in various sources, among them Emeneau's 
Union List and the India Office Library Catalogue, but when it 
comes to actually ordering the book, all this turns out to be 
quite unreliable (as experienced recently by a colleague when he 
tried his luck at the IOL). 

So, have these parts actually been published, or am I just chasing a 


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