Dandin's Kavyadarsa

william j alspaugh als1 at midway.uchicago.edu
Fri May 12 14:36:21 UTC 1995

The Bombay Prakrit and Sanskrit Series is published in microfiche by
Interdocumentation Company (IDC) in the Netherlands.  This microfiche should
contain Parichcheda I of v. 75, Dandin's Kavyadarsa.  This is based on the
record for this fiche in online catalog of the Center for Research Libraries.
 The record notes: "Part one erroneously marked no. 74 of the series."  But
the record clearly shows that part one (Parichcheda I) is on the fiche, some
several European libraries must have purchased this microfiche set.  Bill
Alspaugh, University of Chicago Library

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