About the semantical structure of "sarva

Yasuhiro Okazaki KHB12400 at niftyserve.or.jp
Thu Mar 23 16:05:00 UTC 1995

Dear Sanskritists
I am reading Indian logical treaties. In this study, a question occurs to me. 
Generally speaking, the logical concomitance or implication( so-called vyaapti

will be expressed in terms of next form with or without "eva";
1)  yat (yat)..........tat (tat)..............
However, in some text, one of which is nyaayavaarttika, the next form is found
2) yat.....................tat sarvam................
And the form 1) and 2) seem to express the different meaning, especially, form
the point of logical view. I think form 1) expresses a simple logical 
implication, but form 2)  expresses a logical equivalence. It is only my idea.
question is whether it is true or not. But this needs further research.
Then, I need the next information; Did any classical grammarians preceding to
Uddyotakara discuss the semantical structure of "sarva" ? If there are such
discussions, in which texts can I find them ? Or, are there any paper about it

I submit to the members' kindness.
yours Truly
Yasuhiro Okazaki
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