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     In reply to some private inquiries for the details about my Pali CD
post, I have following:

Thanks to the original post content and what follows to:
     Kaare Lie (kaare.lie at

   > Darika Nantiya wrote:
   > DN>        Could you please tell me where I can get this CD both in
   >the US. >and in Thailand? I'm from Thailand. I know that Mahidol
   >University has been >doing good work in Buddhism both on the
   >theoritical level and its practical >application. Do you happen to
   >know Dr. Phinit Ratanakul by chance? He is a >philosopher and I
   >believe is still the chair of the Department of >Humanities and
   >Linguistics there.  Is he the one who helped put the >Tipitaka into
   >the CD format?
   > I ordered my copy from the US distributors:
   > Scholars Press
   > Electronic Publications
   > P.O.Box 15399
   > Atlanta, GA 30333-0399
   > E-mail: scholcomm at
   > The Bangkok address given in the manual, is:
   > Dr. Supachai Tangwongsan
   > Mahidol University Computing Center
   > Faculty of Science
   > Rama VI Rd., Bangkok
   > Thailand 10400
   > Tlph: (662) 247-0333
   > Fax : (662) 246-7308
   > E-mail: ccstw at
   > I could not find Dr. Phinit Ratanakul among the names of the
   > contributors, as given in the manual.
   > Yours,
   > Kaare Lie
   > ---
   > * 1st 1.11 #1403 * Sabbe satta sukhitatta hontu!

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