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I am forwading a note I received from a dear friend for everyone. Enjoy!

The following is a blurb that I've prepared about Chetana. Would really
appreciate it if you would suggest newsgroups I could forward this to.
Or maybe just forward this note itself. Or to friends!
Please pardon if it is cross-posted.

                  The Best Kept Secret on Internet

                      --- Chetana Book Centre ---

For those who wish to go beyond coffee-table books on India, we
invite you to Chetana, Bombay's only bookshop specialising in
books on philosophy and religion. Our bookshop consists of books
on Indian philosophy, Indology and thought deriving from Hinduism.
These include, Buddhism, Jainism, Yoga, Zen, and so on.

Our topics include the following:

1) The Four Vedas & Vedic Studies
2) Prasthanatraye ("The Three Highways"):
    Upanishads, Bhagavadgita, Brahmasutras
3) Itihasa - Puranas (The Epics & Mythology):
    Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas
4) The Six Schools of Hindu Philosophy:
    Nyaya, Vaisekika, Samhya, Yoga,    Mimamsa, Vedanta
5) Non-Classical Cults:
    Saivism, Saktism (Tantra), Vaishnavism

Other topics on Indology include:
7)  Ancient history & polity
8)  Philosophy & religion
9)  Hindu culture, rites, rituals & sacraments
10) Hindu law, aesthetics
11) Arts, sculpture/architecture, dance, drama   & music
12) Hindu sciences & technology, astronomy and medicine

Our selection also includes audio and video cassettes of talks of
spiritual masters such as Krishnamurti, Osho, etc. We also have a
new section on books relating management to philosophy (Self-
management) - for instance books from the Sambodh Foundation
linking the teachings of the Gita to Management.

Chetana's Mission:
Chetana is not merely a business. It is a celebration of all that
is noble and wise in Indian thought. It was started in 1946, by
founder Sudhakar Dikshit, with high ideals to promote and to
propagate India's universal spiritual heritage, with emphasis on
the study of its philosophy and culture.

I Am That
Chetana is also a publishing house. Our books on Vedanta, namely
"I Am That" -- the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and the
writings of modern masters such as J. Krishnamurti are acclaimed
worldwide as classics of spiritual literature. "I Am That" is
now in its 10th edition.

Robert Powell, author of "Return to Meaningfulness", remarked
when he read I AM THAT that he was "deeply impressed and moved
by its wisdom and eloquence." To his mind "Nisargadatta ranks
with the great Upanishadic teachers." We reproduce an extract
from the chapter in I AM THAT entitled "Desirelessness - The
Highest Bliss":

+--- Extract from "I Am That":  --------------------------------+
| "Your own Self is your ultimate teacher (Sadguru). The outer  |
|  teacher (Guru) is merely a milestone. It is only your inner  |
|  teacher, that will walk with you to the goal. ...Since He is |
|  in you and with you...look within, and you will find Him."   |

What our patrons say:
"The real treasures of India are in this bookshop!"
    - Ken Dyer (TV Producer) Australia.
--"Chetana is the best bookstore I know for books on Indian
   religion & philosophy..."
    - Jon Kelly, Princeton Univ., USA.
--"One could buy the entire bookshop!"
    - Daryl Harnisch, New York, USA.
--"Fulfilled almost all my wish-list."
    - John Grimes, New York, USA.
--"Chetana is an amazing storehouse of dazzling wisdom, knowledge
   and light."
    - Shaan Sathy, Singapore
--"I Am That - (a Chetana  publication) - the turning point
   in my life!"
    - Wolfgang Schener, Kerpens, Germany.
--"Visiting  here is like going to a temple..."
    - Sudarshan Dheer, Colaba, Bombay

a) Email us at "orders.chetana at" giving keywords of
   example: "Jainism, Buddhism, Sankhya, Iyengar Yoga, etc.".

b) We'll recommend some books (by return email) from our booklist
   - or mail you a copy of our booklist if you're interested.
c) You choose what you want.
d) We email you the cost of sending it by air/surface/courier.
e) You choose mode of delivery and send a draft or credit card number.
f) We send you the material.


For details contact:
| Kavi Arya, D.Phil.(Oxon.)| Tel: 91-22-282 4983 / 284 4968     |
| Chetana Pvt. Ltd.        |                                    |
| (Publishers/Booksellers) | Fax: 91-22-262 4316 (attn:Chetana) |
| Specialists in Indian    |                                    |
|     Culture & Philosophy | Email: kavi.chetana at  |
| 34 Rampart Row           | Order: orders.chetana at|
| Bombay, 400001 India     | Gram:  INDOLOGY                    |


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