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First Circular
Third International Dharmaki at rti Conference
Hiroshima, November 4-6, 1997

Dear Colleague, 

     More than five years have passed since we got together in Vienna for the 
2nd International Dharmaki at rti Conference. Its proceedings, Studies in the 
Buddhist Epistemological Tradition, was edited by Prof. Steinkellner and 
published by the Austrian Academy in 1991. Since then, a number of significant 
contributions to the studies of the Buddhist prama at n@a tradition have appeared. 
	I am now proposing to have the next International Dharmaki at rti 
Conference in Hiroshima, November 1997. It will be held at some conference room 
in Hiroshima, and the minimum conference fee will be charged. Other details 
have not yet been decided. Those who are attending from outside Japan will 
receive help with booking reasonable accomodation, but Japanese participatns 
are expected to book for themselves. 

     I hope that you will be able to attend and present a paper on any topic 
related to either Dharmaki at rti or the Buddhist prama at n@a tradition. 
Presentation of papers will be limited to 20 minutes. 

     If you intend to participate, please return the attached form to the above 
address by September 1, 1995, at the latest. A second circular will then be 
sent to you in December 1995. I will be much obliged, if you pass this 
information to anyone who might be interested in this conference. 

     With best regards, 

     Prof. Shoryu Katsura

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