Sanskrit *apud* Classics again...and Hindi??

Marzena Magnuszewska MMAGNUSZ at
Fri Mar 24 14:35:46 UTC 1995

>        I'd like to add two related inquires: (1) Are there many Classics
> Department with Greek and Latin in which Sanskrit is also taught? If so, will
> there be any posts available in a few years? (2) Are there places where Hindi
> is taught as well as Sanskrit? (not necessarily in a Classics Department,
> though if there be any Classics Departments which support Hindi, by all means
> let me know about them!)
> Nicholas Sterling
At the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland, we have Indian 
Department in the Institute of Oriental Philology where both Sanskrit 
and Hindi are taught. For 3 years our students are learning both 
Sanskrit and Hindi language and literature and then they choose 
subjects related to one of them. The only link we have with 
our Classic Department is an obligatory 2 years course in Latin. 

Marzena Magnuszewska


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