Phoneday-16April 1995 (fwd)

Dominik Wujastyk dom at
Wed Mar 8 17:43:31 UTC 1995

Not Indological, but Very Useful:

Phoneday - 16 April 1995 - A Final Reminder
On 16 April all UK dialling codes will change, by the insertion of a "1"
after the initial 0 of the UK dialling code (or after the "44" for
people dialling into the UK).

Please remember to re-programme numbers stored in FAX machines, modems
and elsewhere since after April 16 the old dialling codes will no longer

The other important changes are that the international dialling code
from within the UK is changing, and the dialling code for five cities is
being completely revised.

>From April 16, UK residents need to dial 00 instead of 010 to access
international numbers.  The following five cities change as follows:

Leeds           0532 xxxxxx becomes   0113 2xx xxxx
Sheffield       0742 xxxxxx becomes   0114 2xx xxxx
Nottingham      0602 xxxxxx becomes   0115 9xx xxxx
Leicester       0533 xxxxxx becomes   0116 2xx xxxx
Bristol         0272 xxxxxx becomes   0117 9xx xxxx


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