About nyaayadarzana's MSS

岡崎 康浩 KHB12400 at niftyserve.or.jp
Wed Mar 8 15:18:00 UTC 1995

Dear members
This is my first posting to this list. I am an isolated (?) student of Indian 
philosophy. I am studying Uddyotakara's nyaayavaarttika, and reading it 
according to CalcuttaSktSeriesText (nyaaya-darzana) mainly. However, I have 
known Thakur's edition (Mithila 1967, 1st adhyaaya only) presents very 
important variant. I think it is not always definitive nyaayavaarttika edition
 but is excellent one ,and we cannot edit a definitive text of nyaayavaarttika
without helping his edition. I heard the following volumes of this edition 
will be hardly publishied. So I want to see the Jaisalmil's manuscript of 
nyaayadarzana (including nyaayavaarttika), which Thakur's edition based on.
If someone have an information about this manuscript, or its photostat copy, 
please teach me.

Yasuhiro Okazaki
Adress: Arima 545, Chiyoda-cho, Hiroshima, Japan 731-15
E-mail: khb12400 at nifty-serve.or.jp

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