Nyaaya-varttika ms

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Wed Mar 8 20:42:24 UTC 1995

In response to Yasuhiro Okazak's inquiry about the Jaisalmer ms of
Uddyotakara's Nyaaya-vaarttika:

As I understand, almost all the important mss in the precious collections
at Jaisalmer have been microfilmed. Some of the microfilms, unfortunately
not the entire lot ( if my information is still valid), are accessible
through one of the great scholars of our time: Muni Shri Jambuvijaya. As a
monk Jambuvijayaji does not stay in one place for a long time, although for
the last several years he generally stayed in the Panchasar-Jhinjhuwada
area, near Shankheshvar and Viramgam, in northern Gujarat. I understand
that after spending a few months in Palitana he is now on his way back (on
foot) to Shankheshvar. Generally, letters reach him without any undue delay
if one writes to him (a) c/o Himmatlal Kirtilal Manilal Sanghavi. Adariyana
382 780, Via Viramgam, Gujarat. (b) c/o Visanima Bhavan, Taleti Rd.,
Palitana 364 270.  If the Nyaaya-vaarttika ms is in the microfilms
accessible to him, I am sure he will promptly do whatever he can to make it

As late as 9 January of this year, my information was that Professor
Anantlal Thakur lives somewhere in or near Calcutta. He may have a copy of
the unpublished part of the ms or of his edn. I would expect Prof.
Satyanarayan Chakraborty, Dept. of Sanskrit. Rabindra Bharati Univ., 56A
Barrackpore Trunk Rd., Calcutta 700 050, West Bengal, India to know Prof.
Thakur's precise address. 

Good wishes.

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