Dating the Santi parvan and Anusasana parvan.

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>To the multiple receipients of Indology discussion group,
> I am currently engaged in researching my M.A. Thesis on "Dana/Daksina
>in the Mahabharata", specifically bks.12 & 13. At present I am trying to
>obtain as much information as possible on the date and historical
>context of these two books. I have read Hopkins' *The Great Epic of
>India*, and "The Bharata and The Great-Bharata", and have recently
>obtained a copy of Yardi's *The Mahabharata:It's genesis and growth*,
>but I am unaware of any other texts which deal with this issue at any
>length. I would be greatly indebted to anyone who could provide me with
>any other references or general advice on this topic.

I would strongly advice you not to pay too much attention to Yardi's work.
Yardi uses statistical techniques in a very uncritical manner, and his
results are not reliable.

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