Dating the Santi parvan and Anusasana parvan.

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Mon Jul 10 07:22:10 UTC 1995

To the multiple receipients of Indology discussion group,

 I am currently engaged in researching my M.A. Thesis on "Dana/Daksina 
in the Mahabharata", specifically bks.12 & 13. At present I am trying to 
obtain as much information as possible on the date and historical 
context of these two books. I have read Hopkins' *The Great Epic of 
India*, and "The Bharata and The Great-Bharata", and have recently 
obtained a copy of Yardi's *The Mahabharata:It's genesis and growth*, 
but I am unaware of any other texts which deal with this issue at any 
length. I would be greatly indebted to anyone who could provide me with 
any other references or general advice on this topic. 
 Thank you in advance,
                 Steven Columbus,
                 Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies,
                 University of Canterbury,
                 Private Bag 4800,
                 Christchurch 1,
                 New Zealand.

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