Request for info on indology resources in London

kalyans at kalyans at
Sun Jul 9 15:51:05 UTC 1995

I shall be grateful for address/tel. information on 
the following London/UK contacts: 

(i) book-shops specializing in indology books and 
out-of-print books on India and 

(ii) libraries with good collections of indology- 
related books and journals (apart from Univ. of 
Cambridge and Oxford, British Museum, India Office 
library and School of Oriental and African Studies, 
Univ. of London).

My subject areas of interest are: soma in the veda,
Harappan script and civilization; south asian 
languages and lexicons.

I will be in London between 11th and 24th and would 
like to get publications from these bookshops and 

Thanking you in anticipation. Best regards,

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

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