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You wrote: 
>Jinavamsa at aol.com said:
>> I understand that Sanskrit long vowels are doubled (replacing the 
macron or
>> older circumflex accent) and that consonantal diacriticals include a
>> preceding period for the retroflex (cerebral):
>>  .r .r .th .d .dh .n .m .s
>The transliteration scheme you are describing is designed for the 
>of Sanskrit using only 7-bit ASCII characters.  It was designed by 
>Velthuis for use with his Devanagari TeX package and is fully 
>in a file called manual.tex that is distributed with that package.  
>package is called devnag.zip (or something like 
The following information may be useful.

Subject: Devanagari

(this is a font for use with Sanskrit, Hindi, etc.)
Created by Frans Velthuis in 1987/88 and is available 
from him (Velthuis%hgrrug5.earn at cunyvm.cunyvm.edu) 
for a small charge.
Another address is "velthuis at hgrrug5.bitnet".
        F.J. Velthuis,
        Nyensteinheerd 267
        9736 TV Groningen
        The Netherlands

Also available as part of his Devanagari 
transliteration package:
ftp: june.cs.washington.edu tex/devnag.tar.Z, or 

You could also try, these, although I don't know if 
they are the same:
ftp: BLACKBOX (see 

ftp: ctan: tex-archive/language/devanagari/*

S. Kalyanaraman


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