Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Jul 10 10:07:48 UTC 1995

Jinavamsa at aol.com said:
> I understand that Sanskrit long vowels are doubled (replacing the macron or
> older circumflex accent) and that consonantal diacriticals include a
> preceding period for the retroflex (cerebral):
>  .r .r .th .d .dh .n .m .s

The transliteration scheme you are describing is designed for the input
of Sanskrit using only 7-bit ASCII characters.  It was designed by Frans
Velthuis for use with his Devanagari TeX package and is fully documented
in a file called manual.tex that is distributed with that package.  The
package is called devnag.zip (or something like that).



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