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Srinivasan Kalyanaraman said:
> The following information may be useful.
> Subject: Devanagari
> (this is a font for use with Sanskrit, Hindi, etc.)
> Created by Frans Velthuis in 1987/88 and is available 
> from him (Velthuis%hgrrug5.earn at cunyvm.cunyvm.edu) 
> for a small charge.

Through generous financial support from the Computing Centre of
Groningen University and the Wellcome Institute for the History of
Medicine, there is no longer any charge for the use or distribution of
this font or its ancilliary files and programs.

> Also available as part of his Devanagari 
> transliteration package:
> ftp: june.cs.washington.edu tex/devnag.tar.Z, or 
> devnag.zip

> You could also try, these, although I don't know if
> they are the same:
> ftp: BLACKBOX (see 
> introduction):/pub/indic/outlines/vnagari.*
> ftp: ctan: tex-archive/language/devanagari/*

The font is not at the site june.cs.washington.edu, and the other site
where it might have been, blackbox, closed last November.  But it will
be found on the TeX CTAN sites under ../language/devanagari, as
mentioned.  However, as far as I can see, CTAN only publishes the fonts
and the source code for the (essential) preprocessor, but not the
executables.  The original distribution from Frans does have these.
I'll have to do something about this.



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Hello Steven,
		I certainly could recommend two additinal 
authors for the study of the Mbh. You may already seen
these, still one is van Buitenen's translation of the 
first 5 bks with an extensive introduction, which may
be of some help (although he did not get as far as 12th
book).  The other is work by Alf Hiltebeitel who in some
respect he challenging the work of van Buitenen. Again
I am not absolutely sure whether you may gain any
concrete information from his work such as The Ritual
of Battle, but I hope it will be at least interesting.
Good luck, Edeltraud.

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