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Wed Feb 22 11:00:32 UTC 1995

Dominik Wujastyk responded to my question
> >  Also it remains unclear for me, which codes of the CSX do its users use to
> > represent long Tamil e and o, which is normally written "overdotted" as well
> > as other long vowels.
> E and o with macrons. Or have I missed something in your question?

I got acquainted with CSX by FTPing it from ftp.bcc.ac.uk I think, and the
font is named CSX.VGA. I really cannot find there e,o with macrons! There is
only e,o with the sign (don't know its name) for short vowel (a crescent or
halfcircle over the vowels). Do I have some outdated version of this font?

Also, Jonathan Silk mentioned Prof.Deshpande's Manjushree-CSX font, what
kind of font is this? Are there several variants of CSX ?  Can CSX be
considered really an interindological encoding, to which one should export
his files to make them most easy to share?

Jakub Cejka
cejka at praha1.ff.cuni.cz

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