Logistic support from Madras, India to indology members

s. kalyanaraman s._kalyanaraman at mail.asiandevbank.org
Wed Feb 22 09:58:24 UTC 1995

     Dear indology members,
     I am sad at the prospect of my leaving this vibrant group on 27 
     February 1995.
     I look forward to be of some help to you from Madras, India. In case 
     you need any references or material, which may be readily available 
     from India, please do fax me or call me on phone. I will try my best 
     to respond to you as soon as possible.
     Thanks a million again. dhanyosmi.
     Dr. Dominik, please, please do not shut this group down!! You have set 
     in place something magnificent; PaaNini did not have internet; imagine 
     how much more influential he would have been to enrich the bhaashaa if 
     only this unparalleled, towering intellect and his scintillating 
     aphorisms could have reached out to the vernaculars!
     Unlike Dr. Dominik who is presently emailing from Bangalore, I may not 
     have access to e-mail from Madras. So, bear with me for any delays 
     caused by bureaucracies and of course, my own frailties and 
     Dr. S. Kalyanaraman, 20/7 Warren Road, Mylapore, Madras 600-004; Tel. 
     91-44-493-6288; Fax. 91-44-499-6380 
     or reach me c/o CP Ramaswami Institute of Indological Research, 
     1 Eldams Road, Madras 600-018; Fax. 91-44-450656; Tel. 


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