ascii encoding for Vedic?

Dominik Wujastyk dom at
Wed Feb 22 11:36:44 UTC 1995

Jakub Cejka said:

> In CSX there is a bit of confusion with the various letters for l . The long
> vocalic l seems to me of no use (or does it occur anywhere?!) but we have it
> there uppercase and lowercase.

I'm afraid grammarians talk about this letter, mainly in order to deny
its existence.

> Then there is the underlined l for Tamil what
> is I hope the same which most members of the list transcribe ZH.

> So besides
> plain l two other l's are there: l with tilda and underdotted l. I do not
> know which was meant to represent which, but underdotted l is normally used
> for Vedic and Tamil cerebral (retroflex) l therefore for vocalic l in Skt we
> need l with that little circle under it.

The tilde indicates a nasalized l; the underdotted one is vocalic l.
Yes, we need an accented version of vocalic l put into CSX.

There is no special letter for the "dark" l of Vedic and Marathi, and
perhaps this needs to be remedied.

>  Also it remains unclear for me, which codes of the CSX do its users use to
> represent long Tamil e and o, which is normally written "overdotted" as well
> as other long vowels.

E and o with macrons. Or have I missed something in your question?

Thank you very much for your observations.  Perhaps at the next Sanskrit
meeting a few of us could get round a table and discuss revisions to



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