gZhan-stong, Jo-nang-pa and related studies

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Dear members of this list,

as this message is being sent to Indology/Buddha-L/Tibet-L/buddhist-philosophy,
please excuse possible cross-posting.

After I introduced myself to the members of this list (10.1994) and my current subject of
studies, I received some valuable and welcome contacts from all over
this globe. Right now, I would like to encourage all those interested in
this field of study (which is the study of the Rang-stong/gZhan-stong 
discussion in Tibet, the history of the Jo-nang-pa tradition (of witch
I am preparing a PhD-thesis) and generally related questions in this field,
such as the questions of the roots in Indian traditions, synonyms of names,
the differentiation of the strands, such as those of sUtra- and
tantra-gZhan-stong etc.) to join the following little _project_:

It would be of great help to collect a general bibliography of this
tradition. The study of gZhan-stong is in an early stage, still, and a list
of related texts, articles, references etc. would be of considerable help.
My idea is to devide this list under four headings:

(A) Basic sources. This includes tibetan texts on this particular subject,
such as those of Mi-pham, TAranAtha, Sakya-mchog-ldan, etc. These could be
philosophical, historical, or summarizing (such as general overviews,
chos-'byung, enceclopaedic) texts. I'm not shure, wether those Indian texts,
which are considered as basic scources of the gZhan-stong tradition, such as
the RGV, the TathAgatagarbha-texts, etc. should be included here or not or
wether they could make up another seperate group. Please feel free to give
me your advice/opinion about this.

(B) Secondary sources, i.e. Tibetan texts which cite, relate to, 
criticize or mention gZhan-stong, it's history, etc. and do not hold the 
gZhan-stong view (!). Of particular interest would be the critics from the 
Rang-stong literature of, for example, Tsong-kha-pa, rGyal-tshab-rje, etc.

(C) Western scources primarily concerned with gZhan-stong (Hookham: The
Buddha within; Broido: The Jo-nang-pas on Madhyamaka ..). 

(D) Western scources which mention, criticize or relate to gZhan-stong, such
as Ruegg, Tucci, Hopkins, Williams and many more. 

Every reference should be as accurate as possible, i.e. according to
bibliographical standarts. I would be happy to collect the (hopefully)
numerous contributions and shall post the (edited) results to all of them
without bothering all members of the list, who are not so concerned about
this subject. Naturally, all contributions should be posted to my private
e-mail address, which is

ami0209 at rs1.rrz.uni-koeln.de


With all best wishes, yours scincerely


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