ascii encoding for Vedic?

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Tue Feb 21 17:00:12 UTC 1995

> CSX was designed to have all the accent/vowel combinations necessary for
> Vedic.  I would be grateful to hear of any shortcomings.
> Dominik

In CSX there is a bit of confusion with the various letters for l . The long
vocalic l seems to me of no use (or does it occur anywhere?!) but we have it
there uppercase and lowercase. Then there is the underlined l for Tamil what
is I hope the same which most members of the list transcribe ZH. So besides
plain l two other l's are there: l with tilda and underdotted l. I do not
know which was meant to represent which, but underdotted l is normally used
for Vedic and Tamil cerebral (retroflex) l therefore for vocalic l in Skt we
need l with that little circle under it. As it is not obvious which is which
of the mentioned two the text exchange in CSX becomes problematic, everyone
may use the l codes for different sounds. 
 But STILL ONE L IS MISSING! It is the vocalic ACCENTUATED l , which occurs
in the word klpti (k.lpti) as it is indicated in MW dictionary, MacDonell's
grammar etc.
 Also it remains unclear for me, which codes of the CSX do its users use to
represent long Tamil e and o, which is normally written "overdotted" as well
as other long vowels.
         That's what is missing or is ambiguous in CSX.

((But as I need to create my personal encoding which provides me very little
free codes to overwrite unless I overwrite also all grafic signs, my
question remains whether all the letters with svarita really exist. In
grammars I found examples for o, long a, but just one for long u (s-udg-atar
from TS) and I do not know if e,u,i and long u,i occur with svarita in the
pada texts or only in samhita text due to sandhi  or some of them not at all. 
  If someone knows examples for them or knows (having electronical version)
that for example i with svarita does not occur in RV at least, please let me
Jakub Cejka, Prague
cejka at

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