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>Dear members,
>I am looking for any bibliographical references of articles etc. dealing
>with the sanskrit (and particularly Vedic) amre.ditas (iterative compounds)..
>I have read Delbrueck, Wackernagel which say a bit more about it, and then
>only brief words in Whitney's, MacDonell's, Thumb-Hauschild's grammars. It
>is especially difficult for me to find out whether anybody recently
>published some further opinions on this topic or other material than what
>was collected by Collitz.

I think Walter Wuest mentions amreditas in

Walther Wust (1928). Stilgeschichte und Chronologie des Rigveda. Leipzig,
Deutsche Morgenlandische Gesellschaft (Brockhaus). Abhandlungen fur die
Kunde des Morgenlandes. Vol. XVII, Nr. 4. xvi + 172 pages.

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