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Debashish Banerji forwarded the following: "I am trying to find out
anything about the rishi Shandilya. I have checked the materials at the
libraries at my University and have not been 
able to uncover anything except that he was the authour of a few sections
of the Sathapatha Brahmana. ...  <apandey at>. ... Anshuman

The following publications contain  additional info on 'Saa.n.dilya:
Citraava, Siddhe'svara-'saastri, Bhaarata-var.siiya praaciina caritra-ko'sa
(Hindi. Poona: Bhaaratiiya Caritra-ko'sa Ma.n.dala, 1964) pp. 959-61

Jo'sii, Mahaadeva-'saastrii, Bhaaratiiya sa.msk.rti-ko'sa (Marathi.
Pune:Bhaaratiiya sa.msk.rti-ko'sa-ma.n.da.l, 1976) vol. 9, pp.233-34.   The
page numbers would be different in the Hindi tr of this, which I vaguely
recall in seeing some library.  

In addition, I would expect the reference works for the Mahaabhaarata and
the Puraa.nas (Sorensen's Index to Names in Mahaabhaarta, Vettam Mani's
Puraana Encyclopaedia etc) to have 'Sa.n.dilya as one of the entries. Not
having them at hand, I cannot be certain. 

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