Sun as kumuda-'satru

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Mon Feb 20 22:38:39 UTC 1995

In response to Dominik Wujastyk's inquiry: The Sun is indeed spoken of as
enemy of kumuda and kairavas, just as he is spoken of as a friend of 
pu.n.dariikas, padmas, raajiivas, nalinas, sarojiniis (imagine here other
words meaning 'water-born' and 'mud-born') and kamalas. The Moon is the
friend of kumudas, kairavas and aravindas and foe of ku'se'sayas. 

Although at the moment I cannot recall any compound expression that would
mean 'kumuda-enemy' or 'kumuda-destroyer' and be a synonym of the Sun, the
following can be mentioned as giving expression to the enemical
relationship between the Sun and the kumudas: 
 kumudaany eva 'sa'saa.nkah (Abhij.naana-'saakuntala 5.28),antarhite ...
('Sar.ngadhara-paddhati 78), kumuda-vanam apa'sri ... ('Si'supaala-vadha
11.64), praacii.m vaasaka-sajjikaam ...  , saurabhye calite ...
(Subhaa.sita-ratna-bhaa.n.daagaara p. 325 verses 61, 64).

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