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     Pramit Bhasin; please note that it is a risky undertaking to attempt 
     explanation of proper names. However, generally, sanskrit-based names 
     are pregnant with meaning.
     mita (according to PaaNini) means 'measured' (root: maa); sometimed 
     mitra, 'friend' also gets contracted phonetically for e.g.: mit 
     (Hindi), mitt (Punjabi, Nepali); miit (Kumaoni) also mean 'friend'.
     bhaasin means 'shining' (root: bhaa); e.g. pahaasai = shines (Prakrt); 
     prabhaasatE id. (Sanskrit); paasvu~ = to make bright (Gujarati).
     I cannot satisfactorily explain the prefix: pra-; maybe it is a 
     metathesis of: para- = beyond, further; e.g. paramaka = most 
     Of course, pra- as a particle is also used (as a prefix) to connote 'a 
     portion' : e.g. pra-dEs~a = region; to add emphasis: e.g. pra-maaNa = 
     measure; pra-mada = joy (mada = desire); pra-bhaata = shone forth 
     (root: bhaa to shine).
     pra-mit may be explained as : 'moderated, measured'; and bhaasin as 
     Pramit Bhasin; your parents perhaps saw as you either (1) as measured 
     effulgence incarnate, or (2) as the most-friendly sun; in either case, 
     evoking the mild dawn when the ancients did their suurya-namaskaarams. 
     Maybe, I am imagining too much. Enjoy your name. It is beautiful. Best 
     wishes, S. Kalyanaraman

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Subject: pra mit ? - an inquiry
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Date:    17/02/1995 8:30 AM


My name is Pramit Bhasin and I am a third year medical student at New Jersey
Medical School in USA. This spring I will celebrate my seventh aniversary in
America. Though much has changed around me since the time of my arrival in
the states there remains one constant in my life. I can say with an element
of certainty, that, my name has always been an immense source of curiosity
for both Americans and my own Indian brethern. Often I am asked, " What does
your name mean." On numerous occasions this has even been an embarracement -
for I don't know what it means.

I have looked up several hindi dictionarys but to my dismay I have been
unable to find what it means. Even my Hindi teacher in high school was quite
perplexed about the origins of my name. It is difficult to write the exact
phoenitic pronounciation of my name in English - but I will do my best. 

My name has two sounds. The first is pra ( pra is the same as the first sound
in prana - life) and the second sound is mit ( as in the name amit or mitesh)

I sincerely hope that someone will be of assistance in seven year long quest
of mine.I also hope that this query of mine is in accordance with the set
forth objectives of this list - my apologies to all if it isn't.

pramit bhasin


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