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> Namaste,
> My name is Pramit Bhasin and I am a third year medical student at New Jersey
> Medical School in USA. This spring I will celebrate my seventh aniversary in
> America. Though much has changed around me since the time of my arrival in
> the states there remains one constant in my life. I can say with an element
> of certainty, that, my name has always been an immense source of curiosity
> for both Americans and my own Indian brethern. Often I am asked, " What does
> your name mean." On numerous occasions this has even been an embarracement -
> for I don't know what it means.
> I have looked up several hindi dictionarys but to my dismay I have been
> unable to find what it means. Even my Hindi teacher in high school was quite
> perplexed about the origins of my name. It is difficult to write the exact
> phoenitic pronounciation of my name in English - but I will do my best. 
> My name has two sounds. The first is pra ( pra is the same as the first sound
> in prana - life) and the second sound is mit ( as in the name amit or mitesh)
> I sincerely hope that someone will be of assistance in seven year long quest
> of mine.I also hope that this query of mine is in accordance with the set
> forth objectives of this list - my apologies to all if it isn't.
> Sincerly 
> pramit bhasin

Dear Pramit,

Pramit is indeed a rather common name in Thai with exactly the etimology 
mentioned earlier by Mr. Kalyanaraman, i.e. in Thai it is spelled pramitr, where
'pra' is a particle to add emphasis and 'mitr' means 'friend'.

Congratulations, it is an excellent and truly Sanskritic name.




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