Leslaw Borowski TANTRAPL at
Mon Feb 13 19:10:58 UTC 1995

> moderation
> is more similar to the work of an editor-in-chief of a magazine and if he
> does not publish one's opinion one is not prohibited to express it
> elsewhere. So what censorship?
There are different notions of censorship. The problem is who should 
decide on rules and decisions of allowing subjects. I suggested 
voting already in my letter "I don't quite agree". If we decided to
choose people to do some work on the list and they agreedthat's OK. 
But I'm not getting tired of touching twice a key to delete a message 
so I would spare some work of a moderator.
>The list is for me and many others (I think) the only means of
> contact with the other indologists and possibly amateur indologists of the
> world,
and this is exactly the reason an "owner" of the list should not 
simply say to anybody "go and make your own list". A "discussion 
list" is different from a magazine. It is meant much more for 
discussion and exchanging views (also - changing views). I think also 
in most magazines their owners invested their own money for the sake 
of getting something (usualy money) in return. Dominik Wujastyk did 
not do all this for personal gains. They themselves or their proxies 
can dictate whatever they want. The idea of INDOLOGY is so great that 
its matters should be decided in common (thank you for support) and 
rules should be discussed in public (not by sending individual 
letters of support to the "owner"). I think also it is very healthy 
to see connection between academic problems of indology and say 
problems of actual life.   I think most members of the list would 
decide not to allow much freedom of speech on the list (judging by 
past voices) but let us at least agree(by voting) on rules and then 
possibly on people in charge of control of the list. I would vote for 
Dominik to be among them. Sorry my editor got broken,  I 
cannot correct what I'm writing      Lesl~aw Borowski

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