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Mon Feb 13 18:01:55 UTC 1995

On Mon, 13 Feb 1995, Jakub Cejka wrote:
> I do not think that moderation can be compared to censorship as censorship
> rather evokes goverment controll of opinions to be published, but moderation
> is more similar to the work of an editor-in-chief of a magazine and if he
> does not publish one's opinion one is not prohibited to express it
> elsewhere. So what censorship?
> If I decide to talk about indian politics I may even send my message to some
> of the members of the list directly - no problem!
> When I subscribed to indology list which claimed to be academical I expected
> that I would get only messages about classical indology or closely related
> topics and not long discussions about politics, subscribtion requests etc.

I strongly agree!  The issue is not censorship but rather the purpose and 
topics of discussion for which this list was created.  I don't think 
anyone is saying 
that politics is not a valid topic; it is  just not one which falls in the 
Indology list. Is there a another list for which such topics would be 
more appropriate?

Thinking back on this last year, the majority of items that seem to come 
through have little, if anything, to do with the intended topic of 
discussion of this list: classical indology.  Perhaps, the purpose of the 
list should be further clarified.

I am not really sure if there is a need for moderation but rather for 
individuals to follow 'netiquette' (from Erica Garzilli's submission not 
to long ago) in what it is posted to this list.  

> but it becomes so time-consuming sometimes to delete all what 
is not relevant. 

This is quite true!!!

>It is however not the only place to express one's ideas 
if they  are "moderated out".

As mentioned above.  There are a number of list available out there in 
cyberspace which are appropriate to certain kinds of discussions.  I am 
sure that individuals who share an interest in areas outside of classical 
indology will find them an intereting and enjoyable place to discuss and 
exchange ideas. 

Carlos Lopez
Harvard University
Dept. of Sanskrit and Indian Studies
Graduate Student

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