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Thu Feb 16 10:22:58 UTC 1995

J.K. Brzezinski said:

> In view of Dominik's request that the subject of moderation be 
> discontinued, it seems clear that he himself does not wish to himself 
> take up the job.

Please do not discuss moderation any more in this forum.  This does not
mean I don't think it shouldn't happen, or that I won't do it at some
time in the future.  It means what it says.  Please do not discuss this
matter on INDOLOGY.  When you joined INDOLOGY certain topics were
outlined as being the purpose of the list. Please stick to those topics.
If you do not, INDOLOGY ceases to perform the function for which it is
valued and for which people join it, and it will be closed down.

In case you had not noticed, I am trying hard to moderate INDOLOGY
by personal, case-by-case intervention, without imposing more formal
structures on everyone.  I feel this is a more humane procedure, and it
is also the only approach I am physically able to take, given my remote
and expensive email connection.  Please respect the effort I am making.

>  The majority opinion seems to favour the option.

With respect, Jan, this is not even close to being valid.  There are
more than 350 INDOLOGY members, and this whole moderation discussion has
been imposed on them by about six people.

> Ergo, we need volunteers for the position of moderator?

If someone would like to start a list (or a less formal group-email
arrangement) for discussing the running of INDOLOGY, please do so.

I mean this seriously.  This is the normal procedure for such matters on
the Net.  A separate, temporary list is set up for the particular
discussion of list policy, and for voting.  I don't mind at all if
someone wants to do this, although the question of representation will
arise. (I.e., if twenty people join and vote, do the other 330 take any



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On Fri, 17 Feb 1995, s. kalyanaraman wrote:

>      (4) Promotion of interest in conversational Sanskrit: 
>      A new sanskrit monthly sambhaashaNa sandeshaH is being published from 
>      Bangalore. It is designed to promote interest in conversational 
>      sanskrit.

For those interested in subscribing to the SAMBHASHANA SANDESHAH the 
following information might be useful. (I quote from a flier that 
accompanied the January edition.)
	   "A complete magazine, first of its kind, in simple but effective 
	Samskrit language. This magazine comes to you in attractive, 
	multi-coloured offset printing on 1/4th demi-paper. Magazine is full of 
	articles on various subjects like culture, philosophy, language teaching 
	and practice, science and on current topics of national importance in 
	addition to quizzes, crossword puzzles and short stories.
	   Yearly subscription for Overseas subscribers: US $ 13 (inclusive 
	of airmail charges for 12 issues)  Please send Demand Draft (checks not 
	accepted) made in favour of "Sambhashana Sandeshah", payable at Bangalore to:
		"Aksharam", 8th Cross, Girinagar,
		Bangalore -- 560 085  (India)     (ph. 6613052) "

The editors also put out the Sanskrit version of the popular 
"Chandamama" magazine. The Sambhashana Sandeshah achieves its simplicity 
by doing away with sandhi, the dual, the second person, etc. If you know 
any Indian regional language --and read devanagari-- you'll have a fair 
shot at getting through the articles. Words are typically employed in one 
specific meaning. (The publishers used to put out a small kosa which was useful in 
learning which word had been assigned to a particular meaning or thing, 
e.g. nuclear submarine = visishta-tantra-jnaana-yuktaa jalaantargaaminii 
naukaa) The crossword puzzle is kind of nifty and the word scramble has 
me stumped.  (These are regular features put together by the wife of a very 
good vaiyaakarana, herself a vidushii.) For further information one can give 
them a call at the number above -- but if your spoken Sanskrit isn't up to 
par then Kannada is your next best bet. (The phone is often answered by those who don't speak any English -- or 
even Hindi.)
   Hope the above info. is not considered too far off the Indological 
mark. (Incidently, one of the goals of the group is to encourage--or at 
least not to discourage-- a circle of illiterate Sanskrit speakers!)

Tim Cahill
University of Iowa
Dept. of Asian Languages and Literature
653 Phillips Hall
Iowa City, Iowa  52242

tcahill at

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