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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The latest issue of SOUTH ASIA RESEARCH (Vol. 15 No 2) is now available.  
This announcement provides information about the contents of this issue 
and how to subscribe to the journal.

SOUTH ASIA RESEARCH is an interdisciplinary journal that is concerned 
with the history, ecology, anthropology, architecture, languages, 
literatures, legal systems, religions and visual arts of South Asia (the 
Indian subcontinent). It was established at the School for Oriental and 
African Studies in London in 1980 and is published twice a year, in May 
and November. The primary aim is to give rapid access to current 
research work, and on occasion the journal publishes the work of 
promising research students as well as established scholars.  Special 
issues have also been devoted to particular conferences and workshops in 
the past.  In addition to four articles per issue, plus conference 
reports and book reviews, the journal aims to publish interpretive 
essays that discuss in a more general manner the issues and problems 
that arise from research on South Asia.

--------------Contents of Vol. 15 No. 2----------
CHRISTOPHER SHACKLE: "Between Scripture And Romance: The Yusuf-Zulaikha 
story in Panjabi"
DENIS MATRINGE: "The Panjab and its Popular Culture in the Modern 
Panjabi Poetry of the 1920s and Early 1930s"
ELEANOR NESBITT: "Panjabis in Britain: Cultural History and cultural 
PHILIPPA VAUGHAN: "The Mughal Garden at Hasan Abdal: A Unique Surviving 
Example of a 'Manzil' Bagh"

--------------Contents of Vol. 15 No. 1----------
PHILIP DESAI: "Colonial and Indigenous Urban Morphologies in India"
G.H.R. TILLOTSON: "Architecture and Anxiety: the problem of pastiche in 
recent Indian design"
SANJOY BHATTACHARYA: "The Colonial State and the Communist Party of 
India 1942-45: a reappraisal"
FREDERIQUE APFFEL-MARGLIN: "Gender and the Unitary Self: looking for the 
subaltern in coastal Orissa"

"Communal Riots in Bengal, 1905-1947" by Suranjan Das
"Public Health in British India: Anglo-Indian preventive medicine, 
1859-1914" by Mark Harrison
"Changing India: Bourgeois Revolution on the Subcontinent" by Robert W. 
"The Cilappatikaram of Ilanko Atikal: An Epic of South India" translated 
by R. Parthesarathy
"Tidings of the King: A Translation and Ethnohistorical Analysis of 
theRayavacakamu" by Phillip B. Wagoner
"Shankara and Indian philosophy" by Natalia Isayeva
"Claiming the High Ground: Sherpas, Subsistence, and Environmental 
Change in the Highest Himalaya" by Stanley F. Stevens
"Bangladesh: Reflections on the Water" by James J. Novak
"Hindu Children in Britain" by Robert Jackson and Eleanor Nesbitt

--------------Contents of Vol. 14 No. 2-----------------------------
W. H. McLEOD: "Cries of Outrage: History versus Tradition in the Study 
of the Sikh Community"
MARZIA BALZANI and VARSHA JOSHI: "The Death of a Concubine's Daughter: 
Palace Manuscripts as a Source for the Study of the Rajput Elite"
PETER SCHALK: "Women Fighters of the Liberation Tigers in Tamil Ilam.  
The Martial Feminism of Atell Palacinkam"
KARIN KAPADIA: "Impure Women, Virtuous Men: Religion, Resistance and 
Violence and Non-Violence in Hinduism and Indian Society"

"External Compulsions of South AsianPolitics" edited by Shelton U. 
"All the Mothers Are One.  Hindu India and the Cultural Reshaping of 
Pschyoanalysis" by Stanley Kurtz.
"Cassette Culture - Popular Music andTechnology in North India" by Peter 
"Towards a New Formation; South Indian Society under Vijayanagar Rule" 
by Noboru Karashima.
"Symbols of Substance; Court and State in Nayaka Period Tamil Nadu" by 
Velcheru Narayana Rao, David Shulman and Sanjay Subrahmanyam.
"A Reference Grammar of Classical Tamil Poetry (150 B.C. - 
pre-fifth/sixth century A.D.)" by V. S. Rajam.
"The Emptiness of Emptiness, An Introduction to early Indian Madhyamika" 
by G. W. Huntington, Jr. with Geshe Namgyal Wangchen.
"Fire of Bengal" by Hozsa Hajnocey (translated by Eva Wimmer and David 
Grant, edited by William Radice)


Members of the Editorial Committee:
Michael Hutt (Editor), Michael Anderson, David Arnold, Stuart Blackburn, 
Nigel Crook, Andrew Grout, Heidi Pauwels, Christopher Phinney, Peter 
Robb, David Taylor, Giles Tillotson.

Corresponding Editors:
Christopher A. Bayly (Cambridge), Indira Chowdhury Sengupta (Calcutta), 
Wendy Doniger (Chicago), Alan Entwistle (Seattle), Robert E. Frykenberg 
(Wisconsin), David Ludden (Philadelphia), Pratapadiya Pal (Los Angeles), 
Gloria Goodwin Raheja (Minneapolis), Barbara N. Ramusack (Cincinnati), 
Tanika Sarkar (Delhi), Sanjay Subrahmanyam (Delhi), Romila Thapar 
(Delhi), Gauri Viswanathan (New York), John Whelpton (Hong Kong)


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