TrueType fonts w/ Sanskrit & Japanese diacritics

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at
Tue Dec 19 12:53:14 UTC 1995

Dear INDOLOGY members,

Jamie Hubbard has kindly made available two fonts, one by Microsoft and
another by Adobe, modified to include the accented characters needed for
indic work.  It is very generous of him to make his work available like

However, I believe that to copy and distribute these fonts is not legal.
My opinion is based on the comp.fonts FAQ discussion, and other private
discussions I have monitored over the years, as well as my experience as
past chairperson of the National Academic Typsetting Users Forum, in
Britain.  The issues surrounding the legality or otherwise of font
copying are dreadfully complicated, differ from country to country, and
are affected by software license restrictions too.  The issues have been
amply discussed in the comp.fonts FAQ, which is available from the URLs
or better still,

Jamie and I have had a private exchange on this issue (and we remain the
best of friends!).

I do not want to start a discussion about this matter in this forum,
since it falls firmly outside the scope of INDOLOGY.  If further
discussion is desired, please conduct it in the proper forum, which is
the usenet group "comp.fonts".  I repeat,

        please do not discuss this matter further in INDOLOGY!

I'm afraid that the the INDOLOGY archives will not risk making these
Microsoft and Adobe fonts publicly available.  (Bitstream Charter and
Adobe Utopia, which are professionally designed fonts that have
explicitly been made freely available by their manufacturers, are
available in true-type and postscript format from the INDOLOGY archives
in versions modified by Peter Friedlander to provide the CSX encoding.)

Dominik Wujastyk,

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