TrueType fonts w/ Sanskrit & Japanese diacritics

Fri Dec 15 19:42:42 UTC 1995

I have just finished up (I think) a package of TrueType fonts that
include the diacritics needed for Sanskrit and Japanese romanization;
these fonts are based on the MS Arial and Times New Roman fonts and
coded according to the CS standard adopted at the 8th World Sanskrit
Congress (Vienna, 1990); they include regular, italic, bold, and bold
italic type faces. I have made both Windows versions and Mac suitcases
and put them on my ftp site ( for anonymous logins
(they are in the root of the /pub directory when you log in). The files 

    ttskrit2.sit        a "stuffed" archive for the mac 
    ttskrit2.exe        a "self-extracting .zip file" for the pc 
    (A set of HP Laserjet-compatable fonts w/ WordPerfect 5.1/6.0 printer 
files, etc. is also available here as wpskrit2.exe.) My ftp site is 
flakey at best, and when I am not around to re-boot the system after a 
crash it can become unavailable, so no guarantees; I will try to keep an 
eye on it. Hopefully the benevolent folks at Indology and Coombspapers 
will grab 'em up and make them more widely accessible at their 
ftp/gopher/www sites. 

    I hope that these fonts help out somehow or another . . .

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