home for pd Pali Canon?

Allen Thrasher athr at loc.gov
Fri Dec 15 15:16:48 UTC 1995

I can't commit the Library of Congress to anything but I think it might 
indeed be interestedin mounting it on our Web site.

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On Fri, 15 Dec 1995, L.S.Cousins wrote:

> I have recently been in contact with Ven. Mettavihari of IBRIC in Sri Lanka
> (see below). They have a draft version of the Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka
> available in machine readable form. The BJT (originally published by the
> government of Ceylon in Sinhala script) is perhaps the best of the post-war
> editions of the Pali Canon.
> The good news is that it will be entirely public domain. At present there
> are still many errors, but the editing process is continuing and it may be
> hoped that these can be eliminated in due course. The page numbers of the
> PTS edition have been added in some cases and this too is in progress.
> There are some questions too as to what formats it will eventually be
> available in.
> Nonetheless this is excellent news and a major step forward in Pali
> studies. I understand that IBRIC might be willing to make available a copy
> to an appropriate web site from which it could be downloaded freely. So I
> thought I would ask here if we have an appropriate location ? Even in its
> current state it would be well-worthwhile to have it available.
> IBRIC stands for International Buddhist Research and Info Centre. It was
> founded by  Ven. Dhammavihari, formerly Professor Jotiya Dhirasekera.
> The proof-reading is presently being carried out by Buddhist monks of the
> Maharagama Bhikkhu Training Centre under the guidance of Ven. Dhammavihari.
> Lance Cousins
> Email: mhcrxlc at dir.mcc.ac.uk

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