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Allen Thrasher athr at
Fri Dec 15 15:04:05 UTC 1995

How do you think the publisher would respond to a request from a 
Sanskritist-librarian to have it on a p.c. at his work, but NOT hooked up 
to the library's mainframe, so that it cannot be consulted by people in 
other parts of the library or people hooking up to the library's 
databases from offsite?  I ask before I send the requested email to the 
publisher so I won't get turned down or alarm them, and send this message 
to the list as well as to Peter Schreiner because it may be of interest 
to other librarians on the list.

Allen Thrasher
Library of Congress

On Fri, 15 Dec 1995 indobib at wrote:

> I am happy to announce that as of Dec. 14, 1995 my work on an electronic 
> version of the Sanskrit-German Dictionary by Klaus Mylius has reached the 
> point where I shall have to stop. The publisher does not allow me to put 
> PESCHMYL ("Peter Schreiner's Mylius") on a server for general access but 
> wants everybody who gets a copy to sign a statement concerning the 
> non-commercial, private use for research purpose.
> I shall have to experiment with this situation and ask those colleagues 
> who want a copy under this condition to send a message to 
> Any advice as to how to deal with this situation is welcome. I have no 
> commercial interest in the matter and shun any administrative hassle. 
> Klaus Mylius has agreed to making the files freely accessible to the 
> academic community; yet I do not want to be sued by 'Langenscheidt'.
> Merry Christmas to those who enjoy to celebrate it and a Happy New Year 
> to everybody.
> Peter Schreiner

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