Muslims, was the "PC" Card

Gary M Tartakov tart at
Sun Dec 10 17:57:34 UTC 1995

Mr. Sharma's catalogue of real horrors should not be ignored.  I won't
ignore it.  The comparison of Indian national development over the past
half century is here shown to be superior to that in Pakistan in regard
to its treatment of its citizens.  We must all be happy about this
difference in India and appaled at the situation in Pakistan and

But what is the point here?  To laud the healthy development of Indian
polity or to suggest that it is now time to get even and sink into the
sewer of communalism that has characterized some of its neighbors?  

Defence of minority interests are as important to a democracy as rule of
the majority.  As important.  And reciting Muslim horror stories when
defence of Muslim interests is advocated seems to attack that principle.
If our Muslim cousins need as much training in pluralism as our
Brahmanical and Christian cousins, we should further the task, not
separate them out for special treatment as the creators of horors shared
by many.

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