Muslims, was the "PC" Card

Frank Conlon conlon at
Sun Dec 10 18:16:01 UTC 1995

It is sometimes observed that America has no real problem with race 
because of individuals in high places, such as General Colin Powell.

Colleague J. B. Sharma responds to my comment by noting that India has 
its share of Muslims in high places.  I am sorry to say I think that 
misses the point, and very much like many white Americans, suggests that 
Indians who happen to be Muslim should be damn grateful.  

Sharma's shift to invoke "permanent population displacements" is a rather
transparent rhetorical device to renew the assault upon the undifferentiated
identity called "Muslim" and to invoke the undifferentiated identity 
"Hindu" as a having a special claim to status of victim.

Gary Tartakov's post (just received) strikes me as an eloquent and 
adequate comment on this.

Perhaps it is again time to return the list to the blood sports of indologists 
vs. comparative religionists, the PC-wallahs vs. the Mac-wallahs,...

Frank Conlon


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