What is heavy footed

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Thu Dec 7 09:35:49 UTC 1995

>a heavy footed freie Universitat obsessive mind. We do not need political

Dear Serge, Dear Indologists,
        Even though I am no interested in politics, I do have a great
interest in language. Does any any one knows what 'heavy footed' mean, and
what is the origen of such expression.

freie Universitat correspond to the german expresion 'freie Universitaet'
and it mean free university. So 'freie Universitat obsessive mind' could
means the members of a  university whose mind is obsessed with freedom. A
bahub.rhi compound. Alternatively,the expression could mean a mind obsesed
through the freedom of the university, and at the same time 'heavy footed.'
Could this mean heavy rooted, or deeply rooted ?
In any case I still not knowing what heavy foot is . . .


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