Call for Articles on Indology

Pratap Kumar kumar at
Thu Dec 7 08:07:06 UTC 1995

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to request articles on any topic relating to Indology to be 
published in our two journals-- Nidaan -- publilshed by the Department of 
Hindu Studies and Indian Philosophy; and Journal of the Indological Society 
of Southern Africa -- published by the Indological Society of Southern 
Africa, Durban.  We have our next annual conference in May 1996 and I 
will post details of it soon.  These two journals are published every 
year in November/December.  If any of you wish to send in your articles 
to be published in one of them, Pease send them to me in Hard copy first 
and then after it is refereed I will request you for a disk copy.  We use 
Indic Times font on Mac for diacritics.  Others using fonts on PCs are 
encouraged to send a hard copy with diacritics so as to enable us to use 
it as our master copy for verifications.  Look forward to receiving great 
stuff.  Cheers

Pratap Kumar
Department of Hindu Studies and Indian Philosophy
University of Durban-Westville
Private Bag X54001
South Africa
Tel 031-820-2194
Fax 031-820-2160
Email: Kumar at

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