Indra and Vasi.s.tha

Dominik Wujastyk dom at
Sun Apr 16 14:59:52 UTC 1995

Jim Hartzell said:
> You might check Jaiminiya Brahmana 1.161-163 for a (probably earlier) 
> version of the story of the multiple vaginas on the demoness Diirghajihvii,

Thanks for this reference, Jim.  Diirghajihvii has been of interest to
me because she crops up in the medical Kaa"syapasa.mhitaa, Kalpasthaana,
Revatiikalpa, which I'm translating.  She isn't covered in yonis, but
appears briefly as a champion for the asuras.  She begins to beat the
gods.  They run squealing to Skanda, ask for help, and are given their
own female champion, Revatii, who first eats Diirghajihvii, and then
routs the asuras.  Etc.

The earliest reference to Diirghajihvii I have found is Aitareya (Keith 1920: 151).  Apparently she is in the Talavakaara
tradition of the Saamaveda, but I won't be able to check that reference
till I get back to London's libraries next month.



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