Indra and Vasi.s.tha

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Fri Apr 14 14:29:56 UTC 1995

You might check Jaiminiya Brahmana 1.161-163 for a (probably earlier) 
version of the story of the multiple vaginas on the demoness Diirghajihvii,
Indra's giving Sumitra a matching set of penises, Sumitra then making
love to Dirrghahihvii, and by staying united with her, holding her so
that Indra could come and slay her.  Wendy O'Flaherty gives a short
translation of this in "Tales of Sex and Violence", pages 101-102, 
and Bodewitz discusses the tale in his Jaiminiya Brahmana books.
	In reading through some of the Jataka volumes recently I
noticed several instances where stories from the Hindu side of the
fence were recast in a less favorable light towards Hindu deities,
such as a rather unflattering portrayal of the basic Krsna story.
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