Diacritic fonts & WordPerfect drivers

Jamie HUBBARD JHUBBARD at ernestine.smith.edu
Thu Apr 13 18:43:11 UTC 1995

(Please excuse the cross-posting)

I have finally updated my package of Times Roman fonts w/ diacritic
characters. These fonts contain the roman characters w/ diacritics needed
for Sanskrit and Japanese romanization together with printer drivers for
Word Perfect 5.0, 5.1, and 6.0. The fonts are HP Laserjet-compatible
bit-mapped fonts, and will work in most any HP or compatible printer. I
have also added the fonts to the Word Perfect HP 4m printer driver,
which, especially together w/ WordPerfect 6.0, gives you a large
selection of fonts to choose from (though I myself find 6.0 to be rather
unstable). The diacritic characters follow my own strange-
but-once-upon-a-time-had-a-rationale coding scheme (as discussed on this
list a number of years ago) that does NOT follow the later CS/CSX
standard. But they do work just fine with WordPerfect (or any other
program that can deal with downloadable bitmap fonts), and they are free.
I also include in the package macros to convert to TeX and plain text (of
the sort used for e- mail messages). I also have some TrueType Times
Roman and Helvitica fonts in CS format that should be ready Real Soon Now
(if I can get that student in gear . . . ) In any case WPSKRIT2.EXE  (a
self- extracting ZIP file) can be FTP'ed from jhubbard.smith.edu
(anonymous login). This FTP site is *usually* available, though it can
and does get hung up often. If anybody with a more stable FTP site would
like to add 'em to their collection or tell me where to upload them (ANU,
Columbia??) I would be grateful.

Jamie Hubbard, Smith College

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