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Thu Apr 6 06:15:39 UTC 1995


        Need Info. about Sanskrit professors in US universities.
 "Sanskrit coversation" is a fast growing  movement in India, started by 
 Hindu Sewa Pratishtana. With a very innovative teaching techniques, they 
 teach how to speak in Sanskrit in 10 days( 2 hrs/day ). In Karnataka state in 
 India, in many villages, more than 80% people interact in Sanskrit on a daily 
 We want to link Sanskrit professors in US universities to Hindu Sewa
 Pratishtana, so that these new techniques could be used to make Sanskrit
 a living language.
 If you have Sanskrit professors in your university, please send me their
 Name, phone #, email, mailing address and any other details. Whatever info
 you can gather or any pointers  will be very useful.
 Send them to: vmurthy at
 Phone : (415) 962-0760   


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