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Yasuhiro Okazaki KHB12400 at
Thu Apr 6 15:14:00 UTC 1995

Dear Mr. Gillon
I am very happy to recieve some member's reply. I will present some additional
imformation. I have already written only the formulae with (kevala)vyatireka
hetu contain "sarva". I collected two such examples from NyaayaVaarttika.
Case 1)
( thesis ) nedaM niraatmakaM jiivacchariiraM 
( reason )apraaNaadimattvaprasaGgaad
( example )yad ubhayapakSasampratipannam apraaNaadimat tat sarvaM niraatmakaM 
( application )..
(NV p. 291, l. 1-2 Calcutta Skt. Sr. edition)
Example phrase is also written in the following form.:
yaavad apraaNaadimat tat sarvaM niraatmakaM dRWTam iti (NV p. 291, l.10)
Case 2)
( thesis ) caitanyaM (tu) aatmanaH
( reason ) svaatantrye sati avyavasthaanaat 
( example ) cakSuraadivat
and also
( thesis ) na acetana aatmaa
( reason ) asvaatantryaprasaGgaat
( example ) cakSuraadivat (NV p.715, l. 8-9 )
In this inference, he, Uddyotakara formulate the logical concomittance as
yat ca acetanaM tat sarvaM vyavasthitaviSayaM dRSTam ( NV p. 715, l. 12 - p.
716, l. 6 )
In both cases, he called each reason "vyatireka",of course which means 
Escpecially, Case 1) seems to be illogical, but it is not a misprint, and I 
think I
can show that Uddyotakara didn't misunderstand the relation between vyaapaka
and vyaapya. If it is needed, I will show you.
However, I think this usage of "sarva" is unique to Uddyotakara, because
Vaacaspati criticize case 1-formulation.
That is all my imformation, My investigation to NyaayaVaarttika is not 
exhaustive, so I think the counter-case might be found. If such a case will be
found, Please teach me.
Yasuhiro Okazaki (khb12400 at

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