Nepali minister resigns over Sanskrit

Dominik Wujastyk dom at
Wed Apr 5 22:37:42 UTC 1995

The Hindu, Bangalore, Wed. April 5, 1995, p. 10.

Nepali Minister Resigns

KATHMANDU: The Nepali Health and Labour Welfare Minister, Mr. Padam
Ratna Tuladhar, an outspoken language activist, has resigned in a row
over the promotion of Sanskrit, the Nepali-language daily _Kantipur_
reported on Tuesday.  Mr. Tuladhar is said to be vehemently opposed to
the promotion of Sanskrit, which many in Nepal consider to be a dead
language and in which State-owned Radio Nepal began broadcasting news
bulletins on Monday.  A group of anti-Sanskrit activists set fire to
radio sets in the middle of the city as the first Sanskrit-language news
bulletin was broadcast by Radio Nepal on Monday evening.


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