Origin and symbology of "Monsoon rain"

Richard Salomon rsalomon at u.washington.edu
Mon Oct 31 18:40:57 UTC 1994

My understanding of  Ashok Sharma's query  is that he was not really asking 
for the etymological replies that he got, but rather for more general 
literary and cultural information.  If this is the case, a good place to 
start, from the classical Sanskrit side, might be the collection of 
verses on the rainy season in Section 10 of Vidyaakara's 
Subhaa.sita-ratnakos'a, translated by D.H.H. Ingall's as An Anthology of 
Sanskrit Court Poetry (abridged edition: Sanskrit Poetry from Vidyakara's 

-Richard Salomon

On Tue, 25 Oct 1994 ashok_sharma at ccmail.GSFC.NASA.GOV wrote:

>      October 26, 1994
>      I am working on a fiction book titled : Cry before the Monsoon Gods. 
>      In that context, I would like to have some indological views and ideas 
>      regarding the source origin, myths, symbology and rituals associated 
>      with word "monsoon rains", beginning from Sanskrit and early Vedic 
>      literature to more contemporary era. 
>      Ashok Sharma
>      ashok_sharma at ccmail.gsfc.nasa.gov

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