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>I just downloaded Prof. van Nooten's transcription of the Sabhaaparvan 
>and see 240,000+ bytes of gibberish. If anybody out there who uses a 
>Macintosh has successfully downloaded this into readable text, I would be 
>interested in the rahasya, e.g. what font did he use, what ASCII codes 
>are necessary (though I know next to nothing about ASCII), etc.?
>Fred Smith
>Univ. of Iowa

Van Nooten uses the CSX format, which means that if you use a PC, you need
the wnrir - files to get an indological transliteration character set.
These files you can get hold of by using ftp. Try these sites:

Indology ftp: Indology FTP :
Login: anonymous
Directory:  /public/users/ucgadkw/indology

(hacc = Humanities and Computing Centre in Washington)

Otherwise, with a bit of patience, you can convert van Nootens
transliteration into any other kind of representation by means of

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