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       Book Title on East Indies?

The following question is with me for a long time. Hope some
learned member of the group can answer this query.

I read from a book by K. Zvelebil that some Tamils who
emigrated use "cEntanAr's tiruppallANTu" during some festivals.

The book he cites is
G. K. Vanbrough, The peoples in the East Indies.
The author and title may not be very exact, though very close.

Can anybody give the exact author, title and year please?

N. Ganesan
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I just downloaded Prof. van Nooten's transcription of the Sabhaaparvan 
and see 240,000+ bytes of gibberish. If anybody out there who uses a 
Macintosh has successfully downloaded this into readable text, I would be 
interested in the rahasya, e.g. what font did he use, what ASCII codes 
are necessary (though I know next to nothing about ASCII), etc.?


Fred Smith
Univ. of Iowa

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