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>        I am looking for information on a program called "lexa". I
>was told by someone it has something for Sanskrit.

Vineet, I have used Lexa extensively when working with Sanskrit. But the
program is not adapted to Sanskrit. It is basically constructed for modern
European languages,something which is reflected in the fact that you cannot
define your own alphabet or sort order (you have a choice between five
European sort orders). You can, however, define letters indirectly by *not*
defining certain characters as word separators. I use the Tuebingen-Zuerich
transliteration format, and this enables me to tag Sanskrit with Lexas
tagger and do other things as well. If you want to sort Sanskrit in the
correct manner, you should use the Oxford Concordancing Program, which
gives full freedom to define your own characters and sort orders. OCP will
produce all sorts of concordances and word counts. 

With the limitation given above, Lexa is a very useful, but somewhat
capricious (if not to say difficult) program written by Raymond Hickey. It
has a large number of very useful utilities and is available at a very
reasonable price (about NOK 700,-) from Humanistisk Datasenter, Norwegian
Computing Centre for the Humanities, Harald H}rfagres gt. 31, 5007 Bergen,
Norway. (Tel: +47 55 21 29 54; fax: +47 55 32 26 56; email
icame at (Lexa is freeware, the money is for the three manuals,
which are absolutely necessary).

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